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motorphotos 25th October 2016 11:30 AM

printing design
Hi Tony

is there any way I can reduce the amount of pages it takes to print a beam design - in superbeam its basically one page per beam but in eurobeam I am getting 2 or 3 pages per beam - it means a roof conversion generally 30 sheets is coming out 60 - 70 pages

I know I produce more pages than most as I tend to do details at 1:10 and always do plans so these add to amount I produce but its the output that seems to push up the sheets



Tony Bryer 25th October 2016 10:20 PM

Re: printing design
Thanks for the feedback - 20 years ago a SuperBeam user was wanting more verbose printouts as he felt that what was produced, although perfectly adequate, didn't look enough enough to justify his fee!

I don't think there's anything much we can leave out - for steel beams, the web capacity checking is optional and the LTB check deliberately shows the intermediate steps. What you might look at doing is to see if you can change the font to something a little smaller though still readable, and also reducing the line/blank line spacing percentages - note that these are set for each printer and PDF output.

motorphotos 26th October 2016 06:55 AM

Re: printing design
Hi Tony it's a balancing act providing enough info for the checking engineers I will see what effect reducing the font has. I always provide hard copies to the client rather than a pdf as I have found in the past they don't print the whole job just the plans resulting in many phone calls like I thought you would splice the long beams and there are no details etc when it's all in the package just not passed on


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