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Tony Bryer 18th January 2012 09:39 PM

Structural Engineer archive now online
The Institute of Structural Engineers have made the back archive of The Structural Engineer from 1923 available online and from a quick look there is much of interest.


On a quick delve I found this paper [PDF] frp, July 1932, LATERALLY UNSUPPORTED BEAMS, by A. N. Procter, a subject which is still problematic in today's Eurocode era, and an interesting narrative THE TYNE BRIDGE (1928): A General Description of its Construction and a Few Comparisons with the Sydney Harbour Bridge. by C. F. Mountney [PDF] - and these are just a couple of highlights from 1932. Examining the rest will have to wait for a quieter day!

Tony Bryer 18th January 2012 10:00 PM

Re: Structural Engineer archive now online
And another link to an engineering icon: The Erection of Sydney Harbour Bridge, J. Stuart Lewis - some wonderful pictures of the bridge under construction. It must have been amazing to be living in Sydney at the time and see the two ends gradually grow to one another and finally be connected.

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