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Tony Gage 28th August 2012 05:25 PM

Transfer settings to new a Computer

Having had to purchase a new machine is there any way of transfering files onto the new machine, specifically settings and notes that contain scripts. A list of files that could be copied over would be useful.

I have the same problem with ProSteel and superBeam.

Both machines are running XP as it is very difficult to set up a net work with a mixture of XP and Windows 7.

Any more thoughts on simple RC Beams?


Tony Bryer 28th August 2012 09:13 PM

Re: Transfer settings to new a Computer
Moving the standard notes and scripts file across is easy. On the old machine select Configuration, Information and note the file name/location next to Standard Notes File. Copy this file to a USB drive. Install the program on the new machine and select Configuration, Information. This entry is where you need to copy your flash drive file to, replacing the default file.

Adding simple RC beams to EuroBeam is on the list, but probably not until year end (as ever, statements of future intent are not promises).


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