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Tony Bryer 19th April 2009 01:10 PM

SuperBeam 4.55b now available
Registered users with current update cover only: You can now download SuperBeam 4.55a using the Internet > Check SDA Web Site for Updates option within your currently installed copy of SuperBeam.

Three fixes
  • Flitch beam long term deflection was always shown as a fail: fixed
  • The auto self weight for timber beams was using the BS5268 characteristic density, not the mean density which is slightly higher - fixed. If your timber data is coming from a customised file this will be rewritten to incorporate this additional figure.
  • If the R1 bearing type was 'None' and R2 a user note, padstone or bearing plate, the R2 bearing details were not printed - fixed

Several minor enhancements
  • The column width proportions on the load edit dialog have been adjusted to show more of long load entry expressions
  • A check is now made to ensure that the flitch beam bolt centres are a minimum of 4d from the edges of the timber and a minimum 2d from the plate edge.
  • If a flitch beam uses Oak TH grade members, a note is added stating that stainless steel bolts should be used.
  • The indicative weight of timber members is now shown next to the size.
  • Some additional grades have been added to the default timber file.

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