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Just Me 25th August 2016 03:00 PM

Brought Forward not working
I downloaded 7.02a and the "SELECT LOAD TO BRING FORWARD" box is not showing any beams to select. Not had this problem before, any help would be appreciated.

Tony Bryer 25th August 2016 11:17 PM

Re: Brought Forward not working
The most likely reason for this is that there is nothing that can be brought forward. Note that you can only reference earlier items in the project, e.g. Beam 3 can bring forward a load from Beam 2, but not 2 from 3. In some cases you can get round this by reordering the list, using the Project Manager Move buttons

Just Me 26th August 2016 06:29 AM

Re: Brought Forward not working
Thank You Tony, really appreciated.

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