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Tony Gage 16th June 2014 03:42 PM

Script Editor

I have made a number of scripts for the checking of beam and block floors and pc lintels etc, using the manufacturers tabulated data. I saved them to a memory stick as I am changing computers. These saved originally as *.gtepas files. I have tried importing them back but though they obviously have loaded they do not appear in the library list. Have changed the *.gtepas to *.gtpas and they appear. When called upon and the script editor is clicked I get a message application failure with options to carry on or restart. Tried clicking the bug report but that fails after a few seconds transmission.

Should they appear under Eurocode scripts or common scripts?

having same problem with Prosteel5


Tony Gage

Tony Bryer 17th June 2014 11:57 AM

Re: Script Editor
Initially we only had script handling in EuroBeam and the scripts we shipped had .gtepas extensions, 'e' for EuroBeam. We then added script handling to the other programs and the scripts we now ship have .gtpas extensions and work across all three programs.

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