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motorphotos 15th June 2017 03:38 PM

writing scripts
Hi Tony

I am trying to write a scrip for designing brick piers using the load from the load only case and then putting this into a simple script to design the pier stress required

Is there a way to stop the script and ask for user input ( I am thinking for the size of the pier and slenderness as its easier to look it up on the table and put this in rather than use formulas

Also I need a way to take a note at the bottom of the script that would be the pier size and brick strength etc

Also for some reason the scripts I have only seem to work in eurobeam and when I try and run them in prosteel or superbeam it says the script is for eurobeam only I am thinking I am pointing the program to the wrong file?



Tony Bryer 2nd July 2017 11:44 AM

Re: writing scripts
Apologies for the delayed response. I'm currently looking at this - will hope to have something later this week.

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