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Tony Bryer 26th April 2013 11:10 AM

Approved Documents free downloadable
From the Planning Portal website:

You are probably already aware that the Building Regulations Approved Documents are available for download completely free of charge from the Portal.

Just in case you are not, I thought I would point out that there were more than 2.06m downloads in 2012/13 Ė thatís an amazing figure representing an almost 25% increase on 2011/12.

If itís been a while since you last downloaded them you might like to know that recent changes to the Approved Documents from April 6th 2013 include:
  • New edition of Approved document K
  • Updates to approved document M
  • Updates to approved document P
  • Changes to designated warranty schemes
  • Changes made to approved document N

Changes have been made to the common projects pages of the Portal and the text in interactive house to reflect the AD changes and the addition of information regarding the competent persons scheme.

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