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Kris 17th April 2014 08:41 AM

SB4 - Using over Network
We have been using SB4 for a number of years, but I have only recently become responsible for it from an IT perspective.

The installation has always been on a network drive, where the folder contains files such as sb4.exe.

Having installed the latest version to my desktop, am I able to just copy the contents of C:\Program Files\Greentram to the network location?

Does each person who uses the application need to enter the activation key? Or is this done for everyone once the first person has entered it?

Many thanks

Tony Bryer 24th April 2014 02:35 AM

Re: SB4 - Using over Network
Copying program files from one location should work, though a standard installation is preferred. For a list of files used by any of our programs select Configuration, Information on the currently installed copy.

The activation key needs to be entered once for each machine on which the program is used. It is stored (in encrypted form) in the program settings INI file. See also

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