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Monobod 9th April 2015 09:09 AM


Following on from my previous message about the file extension showing as PRJ, I am also having a problem with the path showing at the top of the program for the open file. This seems to be interrupted by tildes instead of proper letters and the filename at the end is not what is opened. is shows as 2014-0~1.prj but the actual filename is 2014-05 SB3.prj

When I send the file to be printed as a pdf, the filename appears as 2014-0~1.prj but the actual saved filename is 2014-05 SB3.prj. Is the program not happy that there are spaces in the filename perhaps?

This is all a bit worrying. Please can you help.

David Ryland.

Tony Bryer 9th April 2015 10:37 AM

Re: Superbeam4.62h
I've just done a quick check on my own copy and a filename with spaces was handled without problem. Where there is an issue is with field names containing periods, '.'. These are legal but when you first save the project you need to add the extension yourself as the program won't do it for you - it has no way of knowing whether what follows the last period is your own non-standard preferred extension or part of the filename.

Monobod 9th April 2015 03:57 PM

Re: Superbeam4.62h
Thanks for the info. I have been using these programs for years and was not aware that the file extension could be anything one wished it to be. I have edited the recent file names to end with .SBW and now they open properly and print correctly to the pdf file.
I had a similar problem in Prosteel with the splice design not recognising the section, but by reloading the program and the file it works. I will install the upgrade asap.
Best wishes and thanks for such excellent software, so much better than TEDDS.

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