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Tony Bryer 20th May 2016 05:53 AM

Just bought a MacBook!
Over the years a number of people have asked about running our software on Mac hardware and my response has been to point them at forum posts from users who have successfully done this using one or other emulator.

With the end of our tax year coming up and an immediate 100% write-down on equipment costing up to A$20K (10K), I decided to take the plunge and buy a MacBook Pro - the single most expensive piece of hardware I've bought since our Lexmark Optra laser printer bought 1995 - along with Parallels 11 and Windows 10. Having got the latter two installed, then SuperBeam 7, ProSteel 7 and EuroBeam, from an initial check they all run as expected. You'll probably need to increase the font sizes in the Configuration, Fonts dialog.

Initially I had problems when trying to install Windows 10 (off a USB stick) which were resolved by following the instructions at rather than what seem to be the obvious installation options.

Robert Lye 28th July 2016 09:06 PM

Re: Just bought a MacBook!
Hi Tony

Glad to see you have eventually caught up with a lot of the computing world!

I have been running Eurobeam, and previously Prosteel and Superbeam, on a similar configuration (iMac with Parallels 10 and Windows 7) for 6 or seven years now.

I get the occasional hang or freeze and I think it may be slightly slower, but as far as I am concerned it works fine like this and integrates happily with what I do.

Does this mean that you may now port it over to Mac OS / ;-)

I have not taken the plunge yet for Windows 10 as I only use windows for emulator purposes for Eurobeam and my copies of CADS A3Dmax and Smart Engineer.

For the other main software packages I purchase Office 365 for Mac and AutoCAD LT for Mac. This way I can run the larger packages natively and only use the emulator for with smaller programs. For me I have found that this works just fine plus enables me to have both windows and Mac packages running simultaneously.

Robert Lye 28th July 2016 09:10 PM

Re: Just bought a MacBook!
Hi Tony

I have been running Parallels (ver 10 presently) and Windows 7 on my iMac for about 7+ years now and this mainly to enable me to use Eurobeam (and previously Prosteel and Superbeam) without any major problems.

I would say the man quirk that occasionally pops up is the program freezing when entering loadings but other than that it all appears to work fine for me.

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