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Just Me 25th August 2016 02:31 PM

Library Standard Load Names
Hi Can anyone please help.
I downloaded 7.02a and now have a problem with the size of the fields in the Standard Load Names. The Values column is tight against the side of the box so if I enter say, 1.85*!/2, part of the entry disappears which makes the whole thing quite scary as if a mistake is made it cannot be seen clearly. I tried to stretch the library box horizontally with the arrows but it does nothing, it stretches vertically. I did try to reduce the size of the column 'Desc' but that is not possible. Any help would be appreciated.

Tony Bryer 25th August 2016 11:14 PM

Re: Library Standard Load Names
Thanks for the feedback - I'll change this in the next release. For now, do note that you can change the font used in the Configuration, Font dialog, last item: Dialogs. If it's still readable for you, try reducing the font size by one point or changing to a narrower font (e.g. Arial Narrow).

Just Me 26th August 2016 06:50 AM

Re: Library Standard Load Names
I changed the font size it works OK on my smaller screen with lower resolution but on my main monitor it still disappears off the side probably just need to be able to adjust column width on 'Desc' & 'Values'. Thanks again for your help.

Tony Bryer 31st August 2016 01:14 PM

Re: Library Standard Load Names
The latest round of releases, SB7.02b, PS7.02b and EB2.91a (Aug 31) increase the width of the library dialog slightly and the columns are now dynamically resized to reflect the contents. Thanks for highlighting this issue.

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