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alexadept 19th October 2017 10:05 PM

Steel/Timber beam selector
I use Eurobeam. After completing the project design and I want to print out in pdf or directly from the printer. The whole detailed calcs for each element designed will be printed despite the fact that I clicked the toggle to print summary. This works well on superbeam and prosteel but I don't know why is not working on Eurobeam. What do I do please. I only need the summary of the design element to be printed not the detailed. Please I need your urgent assistance.

Tony Bryer 20th October 2017 01:03 PM

Re: Steel/Timber beam selector
If you just want to print the summary, press the Summary button on the toolbar, then press the blue Print button. The Print Project button prints out all the selected calculation sheets, optionally preceded by the summary if the box is checked.

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