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Default If it looks wrong .....

.... it probably is.

A current story on the Daily Mail website is headed The 175,000-tonne ship lifted up and dumped on the harbour-side like a bit of driftwood by Japanese tsunami. If you know anything about ships (I know just a little) you'd know that modern large cruise ships are typically 70-90,000 tons - the mega-liner Queen Mary 2 is 151,400 tons. So if the headline was true, this would be one enormous ship; it isn't. A few seconds on Google revealed the actual size of this ship, Asia Symphony, is 6,175 tons! Someone should have spotted this before the story was published.

Relevance here: you need to look over your calculations and ask yourself whether what they show looks right. Let me assure you that a 127x76 UB will not span a 10m opening whatever the printout says, and if one of our programs suggests a 406x174 over a 2.3m through room opening, something isn't right.
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