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Default Re: If it looks wrong .....

Thanks for the comment, Harry. Yes, a sense of what is right only comes with experience. The danger today is that too many people have blind faith in what comes out of a computer and don't appreciate the need for sound engineering judgement - witness recent comments in the Structural Engineer's Verulam column. They say that all publicity is good publicity but I'd rather not be reading about SuperBeam-produced calcs submitted by people who apparently just don't have a proper understanding of the subject.

The other thing you allude to, just as much a problem in pre-computer days, is that when you're checking calcs (your own or other people's) it's very easy to get totally absorbed in what is in front of you, and fail to step back and see whether anything is missing. The selected 203x133x30 UB may be fine, but what holds it up?
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