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Default Another Building Regulations review

Regulations covering building standards, including fire safety and wheelchair access, could be torn up in a government plan to cut costs for the construction industry and boost the economy.

Ministers have ordered a wide-ranging review covering all aspects of building regulations, also including standards on energy efficiency. The review, which controversially includes the option of giving the building industry more scope for self-regulation, is the latest in a series of government initiatives intended to stimulate activity in the economy and drive job creation through investment in homebuilding.Its aim is to prune regulations "significantly" ...

Personally I was cheered by the unenthusiastic response of Crest Nicholson's CEO:

"None of us want to go back to poor design, poor building standards and low energy efficiency. It might be good for reducing costs but this industry needs to be taking a view that a house needs to [last] 100 years therefore why shouldn't society demand very high standards?"

Another less than enthusiastic response from blogger Rory Bergin at
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