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Martin Clifton
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Default New version 7.01b

Hi Tony,

Just got new version but i have a couple of issues.

When i go into the load edit box press F8 to increase the window size to max (beam loads etc) then if i change anything in the beam load box, loads, timber/steel etc the beam load box reduces in size - so I press F8 agin and as soon as the beam load timber/stell etc box is edited, it changesagain.

Also, when a new beam is activated, the load box comes up on the left hand side of the screen, I like it on the right hand side of the screen - so I move it. With previous versions once moved ALL new beam dialogue boxes come up on the right hane side, but now the start in the same position ie on the left as before.

Not sure if anything can be done, many thanks for your help.
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