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Martin Clifton
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Default Superbeam 'crash'

Hi Tony,

Have a big problem for me and was hoping you can help.

I have currently approx. 50No. beams in a set and i just loaded in another beam and the box came up and 'said' error have to closed program, or I decided to carry one, but still the error message came up. I did have the chance to save the beams previously so I thought I did not have a problem.

However, although superbeam works fine with other saved beams for other jobs, it will not open this current file and just tells me there is and error and superbeam has stopped working.

Do yo know how i can open this current file? I have spent 3 days inputting all these beams and would prefer not to input them all again.

I did think about turning my computer back say a couple of hours, but not sure that can be done.

Help please, many thanks
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