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Default Re: using programs in linux

Hi Tony

No error messages you just click on the icon and nothing happens - the programs don't run when you find for example sb4.exe either so I think its more to do with the way WINE is dealing with the windows interface

I have no trouble running ms word or excel so I suppose WINE was written for more 'standard' windows programs rather than anything else not that I would need to run these programs as mint comes with the office libre suit preloaded which does everything ms office does and in the same formats etc it even has libre CAD which is a fully functioning 2d CAD package

I suppose Linux is a bit different to windows as it has various variants like Ubuntu, debian etc

never mind it was just a thought as I had an old sony viao with a 10 inch screen knocking about that had a very corrupt and slow version of windows on it (takes about 10mins to load) as opposed to mint which loads in about 30 secs


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