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Default Re: Saving prosteel as demo

Hi Tony

I think what Brian is saying is that he has a fully working and I assume
licenced copy of prosteel but when he saves the project for some reason it thinks its a demo version so when he re opens the file the program does not load the full steel section file - as you say its limited to beams less than 50 kg and the section size he has is 118kg - I have not been able to replicate it but it might be there is also a demo version on the system that needs to be removed as the file setting might be pointing to the wrong version ?

I have had the same problem with the splice being a blank page BUT this is due to the splice setting out not working so bolts are too close to edges etc
but rather than get the first bit of the check that shows this and where the dimensions fail it just gives a blank screen when the setting out is too far away to even be close - if you look at the box with the splice setting out its normally obvious so you might have for example cross section of bolts at 54mm on a 133 wide flange with M20 bolts so by increasing this to 70mm it then works and you get the calculation - it just means reading the setting out figures and working out why its failing normally something quite obvious - there is nothing wrong with the calculation once the setting out is sorted


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