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as no one answered I thought I would give you my thoughts

PROSTEEL designs horizontal beams with end bearings

Once you put a crank into a beam there will be a horizontal and vertical component to the bearing at the end of the crank

the longer the crank the more the horizontal component gets (in general terms) and also the crank angle affects the horizontal and vertical loads

if you design a flat beam then put a crank in it there is a chance that this horizontal load will allow lateral movement which needs to be allowed for otherwise the beam might slide off the bearing

think roof spread where the rafters have pushed the eaves plate off the wall under.

If the crank is not too long it might be possible to use a stiffer beam which will limit deflection so if the beam cannot flex the effects of lateral movement on the bearing are limited

2d analysis software would be one option of if its a simple case have a look at kleinogal but you would need to do this by hand as these are the formulas for reactions and moments

hope this helps

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