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Default Re: using programs in linux

Hi Tony

In my quest to bin windows (especially as there is talk of making it subscription like office 365) I have been playing around with alternative OS

I have now installed Linux MINT 18.2 Cinnamon which comes preloaded with Libre office (MS Office Equiv) which also has libre CAD (sort of like autocad but slightly different)

I have tried Zorin and this was a complete no go

I then installed WINE 1.8 (the windows emulator which was a bit of a faff to be honest but got it loaded) I also installed playonlinux which is a front end to wine makes installation of windows apps easier apparently - but don't need this to install the programs

Using the .exe files that were used to keep the programs up to date I put these on a usb key

Clicking on the .exe file runs the file and installs the programs through WINE
and then the process is the same as for windows

They install OK and run however if you click on the create desktop icon in the installation process you get a .lnk icon as well as an actual icon for the program so I am assuming that the .lnk is the link back to the main program in windows but the installation process also seems to put the main programme .exe on the desktop so the .lnk is redundant and does not work anyway so I just deleted the .lnk bit

The programs run as they should and all seem to work OK

The only issue is when you go to the drop down menus at the top they drop down as a black rectangle until you run the cursor down them and then the writing appears - not too much problem and this may be the graphics side of things

So I think I have cracked it for the time being so will continue to play around with it and give it a good test before I finally take the plunge and reformat my hard drive and ditch windows - you can have both OS on the same machine so when you start you get a screen that asks which OS you want to load but I found that when you do this the files etc need to be loaded twice on the hard drive one for each OS so I don't recommend this

I will let you know how I get on


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