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Default Flitch Plates

Is it possible to design 2 steel plates and 1 timber joist as a flitch plate instead of the normal 2 timber joists and 1 steel plate. I have tried to change the thickness of the steel plate as 2 no 10 for 2no 10mm plates.
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Tony Bryer
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Default Re: Flitch Plates

In terms of the distribution of load between the steel and the timber, you will get the correct answer if you enter the combined width of the two plates in the plate width field, 20 in your case. The key issue is that in a conventional flitch beam the timbers laterally restrain the steel plate to a significant degree; if the plates are on the outside then their restraint becomes significant and would need a separate check, not something that is done by SuperBeam.
Tony Bryer, Greentram Software Pty Ltd
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