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Default file names

I've got an issue where all file names seem to be corrupted to a randon string of characters, with the file extension not being altered, everything else in the file seems to be fine. An example file name would be '0931-Henty.sbw' & this has been corrupted to '0BFRHK~N.SBW'. I'm running version 4056c with windows XP Pro SP3. Can anybody shed any light on this?
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Tony Bryer
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Default Re: file names

I don't know why this should be happening, but when you create a file whose name does not meet DOS limitations (max 8+3 characters, no spaces), Windows creates a second 8+3 file name based on the first: as far as Windows are concerned, the two are synonymous. On my system 0931-Henty.sbw is translated into 0931-H~1.SBW. Generally you would only see these filenames if the file has been stored on a device that does not support long filenames.

You can see these filenames by opening a DOS window (Start, Accessories, Command Prompt) and typing DIR /X.

Why this happening on your system, I am not sure.

More on this at
Tony Bryer, Greentram Software Pty Ltd
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