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Default Table 3a - L/ryy>300

I have entered a beam with a span of 3.40m, chosen a 203 x 102 RSJ, yet superbeam gives a pbc of 0 as it says the L/ryy for the beam exceeds 300 and therefore says the beam fails. I have checked manually and the L/ryy (340/2.25) = 151.11.

Is this a glitch?
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Tony Bryer
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Default Re: Table 3a - L/ryy>300

First point: do you mean to specify a 203x102 RSJ or a 203x102UB? RSJs are now obsolete but are included in the data file in case you need to check an existing one. New sections will almost always be UBs. The difference between RSJs and UBs is that RSJs have tapered flanges, UBs parallel flanges.

Re the specific point, if you click on the Steel tab of the Beam Edit dialog, what have you got in the effective length field? For a normal beam built in at each end the value would be 1.0L (=3.4m in your case), though other support conditions (see the help file or manual) will dictate a different value, though not one to push the l/ryy value above 300.
Tony Bryer, Greentram Software Pty Ltd
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