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Default Steel design parameters


I may be being stupid (it is Monday) and have just started using the superbeam software. I cant quite get to grips with the section size. The system allows me to use a (say) 178x102x19 UB and clearly says so on the documentation - although the grade of the steel is 43, again the documentation says this to be the case. I always thought that the steel designation 178x102x19 indicated that the grade of the steel was 19kg - although the system is using 43kg.

Am I missing something? probably!
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Tony Bryer
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Default Re: Steel design parameters

The section size (for I-sections) has three numbers, e.g. your 178x102x19. The first two are the nominal depth and width (note that for some sections the actual dimensions are significantly different) and the last number is the rolling weight to the nearest kg/metre. The older way of describing grades (from BS449) is Grade 43 or Grade 50; more normally the equivalent BS5950 grades of S275 and S355 are used.
Tony Bryer, Greentram Software Pty Ltd
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