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Default Adding loads into Superbeam 5 USA


I have a number of questions regarding Superbeam 5 USA and inserting loading figures.

I've listed a number of loads below in Kn/m2, Could someone please tell me if the figures look okay?

The walls consists of render 22mm, brick 100mm, block 100mm, Cavity 90mm and Plaster 13mm. The house is a standard two story with timber floors and ceilings.

Wall; 3.31 Kn/m2, Dead load.
Wall with render: 3.76 Kn/m2, Dead Load.
Floor (timber joist): 2.1 Kn/m2, Live load.
Ceiling (timber joist): 1.15 Kn/m2, Live Load.
Roof (standard Redland 49 tiles): 1.9 Kn/m2, Live Load.

Do the above figures look Okay?

Next question is.
In the loading section for Superbeam, I've inserted the figures for the floor as follows:
This load is UD across the beam. 5 represents length of the floor joist in meters and /2 represents divided by 2 for half the span. or do I need to put the length in as feet.

Can someone tell me if this is the correct format to put it into Superbeam 5 USA?

Next question.
Again in the loading section I've inserted the figures for an external wall (brick & block) as follows:
The load is UD across the beam. 3 represent the height of 3 meters.
Doses this look okay to inset into Superbeam as it is?

Last question.
In the bearing section in particular masonry strength (PSi), I've inserted 101 if the bearing plate if it will sit on a brick wall or 50 if it will sit on a standard celcon block wall.
Are the figures Okay.

I would be extremely grateful if any body can help.

Kind regards
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Tony Bryer
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Default Re: Adding loads into Superbeam 5 USA

My apologies: you've been confused by the SuperBeam 5 manual text in the current download being incorrect. The section you've been using was taken from the UK manual and not changed to reflect the use of imperial units in SuperBeam USA. In the USA version loads are entered in pounds and distances in feet.

The corrected manual text can be downloaded from
Tony Bryer, Greentram Software Pty Ltd
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