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Default Problem printing a splice

Hi Tony,
There is a problem printing the splice when it is part of the Print Project set. It just prints a blank page. Printing the beam on its own prints the splice ok.

It would be nice if the print project would also select the splice for printing, at the moment I have to add it by editing the Project list of things to print.

Also, if I make a splice and then change my mind not to have one, I select None on the splice type but is still remains on the project sumary list, unless I reduce the distance to the splice bact to zero.

Other than that, very nice!

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Tony Bryer
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Default Re: Problem printing a splice

Thanks for the feedback. I will be posting a new update in a few days: currently I'm waiting for a Delphi 2010 update to be re-released (Embarcadero had to pull it because of registration problems: even the bigger players have problems sometimes!) so I'll make sure your points are fixed as necessary in the meantime.
Tony Bryer, Greentram Software Pty Ltd
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