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Notes from Tony's desk Random thoughts from Tony Bryer

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Old 23rd September 2014, 10:59 AM   #1
Tony Bryer
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Default Ralph Simons RIP

I was sorry to learn today that Ralph Simons died last week aged 94. Ralph served with the Royal Engineers in WW2 then worked as a structural engineer with Mitchell McFarlane, then and after retiring got interested in computer programming.

When Ralph came across SuperBeam in 1991 he contacted me (after some hesitation - he thought Survey Design Associates must be some large company who wouldn't be interested in talking to him!) to see if I might be interested in marketing a steel beam design program he had written that complemented and extended the capabilities of SuperBeam.

The upshot was that we worked on developing his program further and it was released as 'ProSteel' in 1992. Since then Ralph has acted as consultant, mentor as well as becoming a good friend, and it's because of his input that our programs are as good as they are. I was able to visit him in July when back in the UK and he still had a lively interest in latest developments.

RIP Ralph
Tony Bryer, Greentram Software Pty Ltd
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Default Re: Ralph Simons RIP

[QUOTE=Tony Bryer;3158]
The upshot was that we worked on developing his program further and it was released as 'ProSteel' in 1992.

*Ralph's work is the foundation for our designs and still beats all others for simplicity and versatility, he had a long life and must have been pleased with the way you've added to his creation since.

Keep up the good work Tony

All at Factory-Fit (UK)
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