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Default Newbie and Example DEMOLFTW.prj

I have recently purchased the program to assist in assessing beam sizes for building work particularly lofts prior to getting full plans.

I have been trying to work through DEMOLFTW.prj in detail so that I fully understand every aspect of it but found the loading on "Partition support beam r/o s/c" difficult to visualise.

To help with this I need a sketch of the beam layout for DEMOLFTW.prj as I am finding some of the loading figures difficult without a clear overall sketch.

I appreciate that normally the plans go with the calculations but a sketch for the example would be helpful and I cannot find one anywhere in the manual or the program.

Thanks Bobtec.
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Tony Bryer
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Default Re: Newbie and Example DEMOLFTW.prj

Does this help? It's a scan of a c.1992 leaflet: back then SuperBeam was a DOS program and you could use the User Text Page option in conjunction with DOS graphic characters to produce diagrams like this - but only if you had a lot of patience!

From a quick look, it's almost identical to the current DemoLftW project file, save that the size of beam in front of the chimney breasts has changed.
Tony Bryer, Greentram Software Pty Ltd
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