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Old 4th April 2016, 01:53 PM   #1
Nigel Lewis
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Default Since update can't use copy or paste

Since the most recent update of Prosteel and Superbeam I can no longer use the right click copy or paste function.

When I select and right click a line of text that I have entered anywhere either in the Beam loading page or on the beam design page or bearings etc. I can no longer copy or paste. When I attempt to do so a box appears telling me that an error has occurred in an application. I have sent a copy of bug reports on this.

The ability to copy and paste will really hamper my work speed and is likely to result in mistakes if I need to retype everything twice or more. Having designed a beam I then type a description explaining the installation process, beam size, bearings and connections etc and then copy it to use in a word document as a specification or paste into the next beam for editing into that particular beam.

An early solution to this problem will be greatly appreciated.
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Old 5th April 2016, 10:04 AM   #2
Tony Bryer
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Location: Melbourne, Australia
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Default Re: Since update can't use copy or paste

I can't reproduce this myself, but there's another, possibly related, issue which is that copying using Ctrl+C didn't work. This is fixed in the latest SB and PS 7.00e releases just uploaded. If these don't resolve the problem please get back to me.
Tony Bryer, Greentram Software Pty Ltd
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