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Default Flexible end plate connection/pinned splice suggestion

Quite often I need to design a 'line' of beam over several spans. At the moment I design all the spans as simply supported and have a detail for the beams to share the bearing at the internal supports. The supports are typically a 100 wide masonry wall.
Now, in order to keep the section sizes smaller I will design one of the beams as cantilevering over the internal support with an end plate welded to the end of the beam. This makes the 'continuing' beam a shorter span, connecting to the end plate of the previous beam by a flexible end plate (like your notched end plate beam connection).
This works well where I need to keep the beam depth down to fit in say a floor void.
OK, my suggestion is....
Can you, one day, incorporate the end plate connection of a beam to connect to a full end plate of a continuing beam (a bit like a pinned splice!)? Or a pinned splice using what you already have but allowing the pinned splice to be at the end of the beam?
Steve Ellam
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Tony Bryer
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Default Re: Flexible end plate connection/pinned splice suggestion

Noted, but no promises. At the moment a lot of work is going in to the forthcoming EuroBeam program, although it now looks as if compulsory use of Eurocodes is to be put back to 2013 [NSC Jan 2010]. Once this is out and delivers the same functionality as is currently provided by SuperBeam and ProSteel there will be scope to enhance it further.

EuroBeam FAQ
Tony Bryer, Greentram Software Pty Ltd
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