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Default Multiple steel splices

Hello All
I posted this a week or so ago but it didn't appear.
My question : Is it possible to specify more than two splices on a steel?
ProSteel only seems to allow for two.
I have a customer that has had calcs done previously for as many as 10 splices on a single beam !!
Occasionally we have large beams. Some of my customers crane the beams in but these don't seem to want sections no more than 75kg / section.
Any advice would be appreciated.
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Default Re: Multiple steel splices

Hi Adrian

once you have designed the beam you could position the splices at the
first 2 positions and then print these - you then put in the next 2 positions and re design and print these etc this gives you the calculations for the splices at the required positions but in printed form

There really is no option to put more than 2 splices in a beam

Remember that with a UDL load the nearer the centre you get to the beam the bigger the flange plate/ bolts would be and the nearer the supports the web plate check becomes more critical

Having different splices in a beam can lead to the possibility of problems on site with the beam having the wrong splice at the design points so depending on what you are doing it may be easier to design the slice based on the worst bending moment and the worst shear and use this throughout

I did this once with a beam in Brighton where we have a deep beam (610mm) and because we had the depth used the end plate splice design
the beam was split into 1.0m sections and built in a slot cut in the wall so that as each piece was positioned it was packed top and bottom to allow the load to spread through and this was allowed to set before the next 1.0m section of wall was cut out

The span was long so we introduced a slight camber by using bottom wedges which meant that the beam had an upward camber which meant that once the beam was positioned and the wall below removed the camber took out the dead load deflection.

Good luck


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